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Only Kate can give The Queen second billing

This morning Kate surprised many royal watchers by accompanying the Queen and Prince Philip to Bakers Street Station to mark the 150th anniversary of the London underground. This wasn’t the only royal visit in celebration. In January, Prince Charles accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall marked the anniversary by taking his first tube ride in 33 years.

This was the Queen’s first major public engagement since March 1st, after suffering from gastroenteritis. It was also noted that this is the third engagement that the Kate has accompanied the Queen on. Prince Philip, who accompanied both women, probably wasn’t surprised to take third place on this visit.

The Queen has taken ‘the Tube’ as it is referred to in the UK (in Canada it is called the Subway) on a few occasions. Accompanied by her sister, Princess Margaret and governess, Marion Crawford, she took a ride in May 1939, four months after it opened. it must have been a novelty for the young princesses at the time. She has made a handful of visits since then. In 1969 she opened the Victoria Line and in 1977 she unveiled the Piccadilly link to Heathrow airport.

During the Queen’s last visit in 2010, she went to Aldgate Underground station to unveil a plaque commemorating the July 7th bombings and she was presented with a London underground sign for Buckingham Palace. On this visit, the royal party viewed a restored 1892 underground coach, and Catherine and Prince Philip watched the Queen unveil a plaque naming the train ‘Queen Elizabeth II’. Nice to know that if someone refuses to give up a seat for her and asks ‘does this train have your name on it?’ she can reply, ‘why yes, it does!’

However, the tube is no novelty for Kate. Nostalgically revealing, ‘I used to use the Tube on a regular basis. I miss travelling on the Tube.’ During the visit Catherine was presented with an underground badge ‘Baby on Board’. The button’s purpose ‘saves men the embarrassment of having to guess if a woman is pregnant.’

It was nice to see Kate ramping up her engagements and growing more comfortable in her royal role. Upon receiving the Baby on Board button jokingly replied, “I’ll make sure I wear it at home.”

Baker Street Visit

Image via British Monarchy Flickr


The Kate Middleton Report week in review February 10th – 16th, 2008

Posted by Marilyn

Break-up rumour of the week

Prince William and Kate Middleton on the rocks – again!

Crucial advice of the week

Prince Philip to Prince William: Make up your mind about Kate Middleton

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You can be whatever you want – As long as you’re dating royalty

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Almost 15 million people want a royal wedding this leap year

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Mario Testino: Kate Middleton isn’t working for me

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Valentine’s Day Surprises

Grandfather knows best?

Posted by Marilyn

Rumour has it that Prince Philip has told Prince William to stop dithering about his relationship with Kate Middleton. Royal watchers may recall that Prince Philip gave Prince Charles the same advice about Charles’ relationship with Lady Diana Spencer. And we all know how that turned out don’t we?

Another one for the rumour mill?

Posted by The Royal Insider

According to sources, William is having a change of heart regarding Kate Middleton. Inspired by the Queen and Prince Philip’s 60th wedding anniversary on November 20th, the committment shy prince has decided that the time is right to settle down. “He looks at his grandparent’s marriage and he sees how devoted they are to each other and he doesn’t want to miss out on that.” says a friend. “He realizes that life is too short and he needs to get his act together.”

Kate has been criticized for quiting her job at Jigsaw and making herself too available for William. Friends have worried that she isn’t keeping her options open and this might be a turn off for William. “Utter rubbish” says a source close to the royal family. “William is in love and he’s found the woman he wants to marry.” Continue reading