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William and Kate visit Child Bereavement UK

Child Bereavement UK
Image via British Monarchy Flickr

On March 19th William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, visited Child Bereavement UK headquarters near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. The Child Bereavement UK charity was launched by Diana, Princess of Wales in 1994.

During a 2009 visit to launch the charity’s Mother’s Day campaign, Prince William, who has been patron of Child Bereavement UK since 2009, famously made a rare public comment about losing his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

‘Never being able to say the word “Mummy” again in your life sounds like a small thing. However, for many, including me, it’s now really just a word – hollow and evoking only memories.’

In October 2011, he raised more than £600,000 for the organisation at a fundraiser held in St James’s Palace.

The mandate of Child Bereavement UK is:

We support families and educate professionals both when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement

During this visit William and Kate visited with staff as well as families who have lost a child.  Something which must be particularly poignant as the couple are expecting their first child in July.

For more information on this charity, visit Child Bereavement UK website.


Exclusive: The Duchess of Cambridge’s ring missing

Clarence House has reported that the Duchess of Cambridge’s famous engagement ring has gone missing.

“It appears that her dog, Lupo has swallowed it.” A courtier revealed. “It’s safe to say that Lupo has now become the most valuable dog in the world.”

“Catherine was feeding Lupo when her ring slid into the food dish. Before she knew it, Lupo had it in his mouth. A friend reveals. “She tried to retrieve the ring, no no avail.”

The Queen’s official veterinary surgeon is looking after the five month old black cocker spaniel puppy to retrieve the ring. Catherine knows he is receiving the best possible care. The Duke of Cambridge is en route via helicopter.

Asked for an update, the surgeon replied, “Lupo is fine but the ring is still missing. Right now we’re taking a wait and see approach.”

Happy April Fools Day!!

Exclusive: The Duke of Cambridge to resign from the RAF

Clarence House has announced today that their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take on more royal duties to support the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year. The Duke is expected to resign from his post as an RAF Search and Rescue Pilot.

“William has felt guilty for quite some time,” a friend reveals. “He is aware that he needs to carry more of his grandmother’s workload.”

“We did the math with William and Catherine” a royal aide explains, “and they were shocked when they realized the age difference between themselves and the Queen.”

The Duchess is currently preparing for the permanent move from Anglesey to Kensington Palace. “She will miss visiting her favorite local shoppes” a pal says. “She used to joke that she spent more time there than the employees!” 

The couple will mark their first wedding anniversary on 29 April. “William had planned to whisk Catherine away on a romantic holiday. He understands how challenging this first year has been and is incredibly proud of her. He had the trip booked but realized they should postpone in light of the circumstances.”

“William realizes that if anyone deserves a holiday, it is the Queen.”

UPDATE: Please note that this post is a April Fools Day joke.