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The Royal Collection Ka-Chings in on Baby Cambridge

The Middleton’s have been accused of cashing in on the royal baby with their line of Prince/Princess party supplies. Various websites offer royal baby items of varying degrees of quality and now the Royal Collection is unabashedly cashing in on Baby Cambridge. A first for the royal collection, which has never created a line of items to celebrate royal births.

“An official range to celebrate the birth of a future monarch would be made, but not until after the event,” confirms a spokesman.

Yes, why miss out? If you can’t beat them, join them!

While Party Pieces has the party supplies covered for royal baby, the Royal Collection’s range will be more sedate with commemorative plates, cups, tea-pots, bowls, possibly even fragrances, teddy bears and cute onesies while they’re at it.

The sales of these items will go towards ‘the upkeep of the collection of art treasures and exhibitions’ Which apparently makes it OK for them, but when the Middletons do so they get flak for it.