Award for best grate-related pun in a Kate article headline

As you may have heard, William and Kate attended a St Patrick’s day at Aldershot Barracks where Catherine presented shamrocks to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards . Incidently a century-old tradition that Queen Alexandra, consort of King Edward VII started it in 1901.

The late Queen Mother famously carried out this duty for many years and now it looks as though this duty has been delegated to Catherine.

However, even bigger news than continuing a royal tradition! No, not wearing the same outfit as last year, although that was pretty close. Nor discussing her preference for a boy rather than a girl (That is the backup story once this one fades) No, Catherine got her high heel stuck, for mere seconds, in a grate! Cue the pun-headlines! I present the contenders for best grate related pun in a Kate article title.

All heel, Catherine the grate

Catherine’s grate escape

Duchess suffers St Patrick’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ – Rather misleading headline, don’t you think?

Kate puts a foot wrong, for once

The Duchess puts her foot in it

Wills & Grate

Duchess of Cambridge and the perils of high heels – While not a pun title, it is nice that the Telegraph is so concerned, isn’t it?

I personally think that ‘All heel, Catherine the grate’ is the best one. Followed by Kate puts a foot wrong, for once.


The Catherine Cambridge Too Much Information Pregnancy Report

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So, here we are eleven days since Catherine’s pregnancy announcement. In this short time we have learned many things, some which fall under the too much information category.

We now have a greater understanding of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, without the need for a telethon.

Catherine will definately give birth in a hospital instead of a palace. Obvious choice considering that no royal baby of late has been born in a palace. Including Prince William himself.

She might even be expecting twins! Good news? Maybe or maybe not. This comes with complications if she has a caesarean section. The doctor who performs the section has the added pressure of picking which baby comes out first. The future of the monarchy is therefore in his/her hands – literally.

Names have been chosen or suggested, including Diana, Lancelot, Elizabeth, or even something more ‘rock and roll’ Fun stuff, now on to the nickname.

If you’re curious about what the baby will look like, a forensic artist has created a mock up for you.

Snooki has weighed in with parenting advice and Fergie has offered tips for warding off morning sickness.

Not only can Catherine look forward to unsolicited pregnancy/parenting advice, she also has the added pressure of dramatically boosting the UK economy. But not as much pressure as the royal baby for ending ‘ginger phobia’ and being a ‘human rights pioneer’

The question on everyone’s mind now is, what will William wear?

William and Catherine will not hire a full-time nanny.  In fact, Catherine will be a Kool Aid mom

No time like the present to talk about what school the baby will go to.

The Life of a Royal Baby has already been foretold!

William and Catherine are not the only ones rejoicing! So are cybersquatters!

Royal Baby? One day there might be an app for that.

We can look forward to…royal baby specials, including Secrets of the Royal Nursery . Just how many generalizations and uneducated guesses can one special offer? Watch and count them! 

Catherine already has experience with babies. After all, she was once a baby herself.

Want to know what’s going on in Kate’s uterus? Jon Stewart has it covered

In a proactive measure, William has already picked out Kate’s ‘push present’ and manufacturers have started production on royal baby mugs.

The ‘Prognosticating Fremont cat’ has predicted that the baby will be a boy

If you’re the betting kind, here are 14 things to place your money on, including time, date and method of birth.

Happy holidays! In the spirit of Christmas, an artistisan has immortalized the couple in a Naples nativity scene.







Catherine Cambridge is pregnant!

After months upon months of speculation, as well as false rumors, Catherine and William are indeed expecting their first child together.

No due date has been announced but the duchess is said to be in the very early stages of pregnancy. Since the announcement was made in December, we can’t help but wonder if this baby will arrive in time for William’s 31st birthday. What a gift that would be!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Can Catherine pull off the ‘Diaz’?

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Catherine’s recent debut of her new haircut has inspired the Daily Mail to see what she would look like with some celebrity styles. I personally like the Gywenth length and color and the cut of the ‘Diaz.’

What do you think?


Catherine reveals a new style

Catherine has recently increased her official duties. Yesterday she made an appearance at the Treasures Gallery at the National Museum.

Her visit received more attention than usual as she debuted a new hairstyle, which many have compared to Farrah Fawcett’s from Charlie’s Angels (personally I think she looks more like Jaclyn Smith). Her dress also met with mixed reviews.

What do you think of her new style?

Photo via British Monarchy Flickr

The Duchess of Cambridge in the Treasures Gallery at the Natural History Museum


Catherine Goes to Cambridge

18 months after the Queen bestowed the Dukedom of Cambridge on Prince William, the couple have made a long overdue visit to Cambridge. Photos via the British Monarchy flickr accountThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Cambridge Guildhall

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Cambridge

Happy Easter!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Easter eggs