Please note that Catherine herself is in no way affiliated with this site. We wish that she was but her royal duties prevent her from doing so.

We cannot pass along her contact information. Nor can we convince her to do an exclusive interview with us. 😦

The intent on this site is to comment on news stories about her as well as focus on what she does as a member of the royal family. This blog predates her engagement and royal wedding, when coverage of her changed significantly from coverage of her activities as the girlfriend of Prince William to her appearance after her marriage. The coverage of her appearance is so strong that it has made it difficult to continue with the original focus of this blog. There are many fantastic and great sites that focus on her fashions. This blog is not intended to be one of them.

Looking through the archives there are some interesting links to various articles. The coverage prior to her marriage was much more varied and with the little that was known about her up to that point, the speculation and projections about her were, in my opinion, far more interesting, even if most of the coverage was farfetched.

Although people will always be interested in her fashions. Like Diana, she cannot escape that aspect, she is also an individual. As her official royal life begins, hopefully the media coverage will focus more on what she does and who she is as a person. That is the new focus of this blog. To now focus on what she does.

Here’s to Catherine and the media coverage cooperating with it!

We hope you enjoy the site.

Thanks for visiting.