The Return of Uncle Gary

Catherine’s controversial uncle Gary Goldsmith has returned, this time to sing her praises. Kate Middleton’s Uncle speaks out

Gary Goldsmith is the younger brother of Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother. He is famously viewed by the public as the black sheep of the family and with this new interview for Hello! it is likely to cement that view. Although I have only read a few excerpts of the interview, knowing Hello! reputation for never saying anything negative about anyone, it’s unlikely that there is anything particularly harmful to Kate. The same cannot be said for his reputation and several royal commentators have accused him of cashing in on his royal connections. His view of this interview is that he is ‘setting the record straight’.

There is no denying that he is eccentric. He named his home in Ibiza La Maison de Bang Bang (French slang for the House of Sex). The five bedroom villa is reportedly on the market for £5.6million. He came to the public’s attention when he was caught by News of the World undercover reporters snorting cocaine and offering advice on meeting prostitutes. In this new interview he credits himself with bringing William and Kate together after their brief split in 2007 and expresses a desire to be a part of Baby Cambridge’s upbringing.

Unsurprisingly, he is also reportedly planning to write his autobiography. Should he do so, any remote chance of playing a role in the royal baby’s upbringing is likely to become even more remote.


2 responses to “The Return of Uncle Gary

  1. yes, would be pretty sure Gary sees this as an opportunity to ‘raise a little extra cash’, shall we say. Very tempting to sell stories, knowing they can command pretty big money!

  2. Given Kate’s popularity and his insider knowledge, his book could be a big seller. If he writes a book about her, hope the money provides some comfort to him. Highly doubt anyone in his family will afterwards.

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