Award for best grate-related pun in a Kate article headline

As you may have heard, William and Kate attended a St Patrick’s day at Aldershot Barracks where Catherine presented shamrocks to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards . Incidently a century-old tradition that Queen Alexandra, consort of King Edward VII started it in 1901.

The late Queen Mother famously carried out this duty for many years and now it looks as though this duty has been delegated to Catherine.

However, even bigger news than continuing a royal tradition! No, not wearing the same outfit as last year, although that was pretty close. Nor discussing her preference for a boy rather than a girl (That is the backup story once this one fades) No, Catherine got her high heel stuck, for mere seconds, in a grate! Cue the pun-headlines! I present the contenders for best grate related pun in a Kate article title.

All heel, Catherine the grate

Catherine’s grate escape

Duchess suffers St Patrick’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ – Rather misleading headline, don’t you think?

Kate puts a foot wrong, for once

The Duchess puts her foot in it

Wills & Grate

Duchess of Cambridge and the perils of high heels – While not a pun title, it is nice that the Telegraph is so concerned, isn’t it?

I personally think that ‘All heel, Catherine the grate’ is the best one. Followed by Kate puts a foot wrong, for once.


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