A revealing April Fools Day joke

I’m not one to look at April Fools Day jokes as having any hidden meaning behind them. They’re meant to be jokes and that’s it. Such is the case with the two I posted on this blog – one about William resigning from the RAF and the other about Catherine losing her engagement ring because Lupo ate it.

The ring post didn’t cause any stir. This could be because  I put ‘Happy April Fools Day!’ at the end of it. Whereas I did not do this with the RAF post. I’d looked at other ‘jokes’ in the media and found that none of them had that disclaimer at the end. The reader was left to figure out whether it was a joke or not. So I did not put it on. I thought that the sentence ‘We sat down and did the math with William and Catherine’ would be the giveaway. I guess it wasn’t for some. When I saw google searches and found the question about William’s resignation was posted on a message board I thought it had gone too far. Which is why I added the update clarifying it was a joke.

It’s interesting that if you add the words ‘sources say’ or ‘a pal reveals’ can make a post sound more plausible. I’ve had that experience a few times. A few years ago I did an April fools day joke on this blog announcing William and Catherine’s engagement which provoked a very strong reaction from people not certain whether it was true or not.  This blog got a lot of traffic as a result, but that wasn’t the point. It was a joke but it was revealing in how strong the interest is in their relationship. Judging by the reaction when the engagement was actually announced, just confirmed it.

I’m not trying to give myself credit for any brilliance in coming up with these posts. They were fairly easy to write – too easy, in fact. Occasionally I think I missed my calling as a tabloid article writer. It really drives home the maxim ‘don’t believe everything you read.’

What’s the point of this particular post then? Well the reaction is revealing to me. The idea of William resigning from the RAF to support the Queen hit a nerve. People were happy about the idea, thinking it was long overdue. I’m not the only one who thinks that William and Catherine are not pulling their weight and they should get on with it. I’m not the only one who thinks Catherine should be doing more. Having observed Catherine over this past year, I’m inclined to agree. I didn’t need an April Fools day joke or its reaction to it to convince myself of that. If anything it tells me that I’m not the only one who wants it to be true.


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