Exclusive: The Duchess of Cambridge’s ring missing

Clarence House has reported that the Duchess of Cambridge’s famous engagement ring has gone missing.

“It appears that her dog, Lupo has swallowed it.” A courtier revealed. “It’s safe to say that Lupo has now become the most valuable dog in the world.”

“Catherine was feeding Lupo when her ring slid into the food dish. Before she knew it, Lupo had it in his mouth. A friend reveals. “She tried to retrieve the ring, no no avail.”

The Queen’s official veterinary surgeon is looking after the five month old black cocker spaniel puppy to retrieve the ring. Catherine knows he is receiving the best possible care. The Duke of Cambridge is en route via helicopter.

Asked for an update, the surgeon replied, “Lupo is fine but the ring is still missing. Right now we’re taking a wait and see approach.”

Happy April Fools Day!!


One response to “Exclusive: The Duchess of Cambridge’s ring missing

  1. Scary!! (This actually happened to one of my relatives. The wedding ring did eventually reappear…)

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