The Royal Report for Sunday August 28, 2011 – Do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge deserve privacy?

Since their marriage Prince William and his wife Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have been the focus of intense scrutiny. Recent photos of the couple show the couple holding hands on what should be a private moment.

Do William and Catherine deserve privacy? Given their positions on the public stage, Is it too much to expect?

Publications mentioned

People Special Fashion Issue – Kate’s Style Secrets

Hello! Canada Weekly No 228 22 August 2011

Hello! Canada Weekly No 229 29 August 2011

Song mentioned

Everyone watched the wedding – Jim Cuddy

From My Royal Collection

Chronicle of the Royal Family

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2 responses to “The Royal Report for Sunday August 28, 2011 – Do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge deserve privacy?

  1. Hopeful for Future

    I so appreciate your title “Catherine Cambridge” instead of using her pre-marriage name. I am from the USA and followed and appreciated Diana’s life to the end which of course included William and Harry. I am amazed at the “Prince William and Catherine team. They are good role models for the now and upcoming generations and their willingness to show they love each other has given a world-wide shift. I trust the British are wise enough to make William the next king with Catherine at his side – any other choice is too troubling to even consider. I believe people follow their every move because their lives lived from day to day uplift others and give hope for the future. I do realize that is hard for them.

  2. Enough already – these young people knew exactly what they were getting into when they put on a huge spectacle of a wedding. If they wanted privacy they would not have flashed the bucks and glamour for their wedding. Get used to being in the public eye…and the Duchess herself should stop sulking and grow up. We are tired of hearing of poor Katie…suck it up princess. This is the life you chose and if you think you will make it to Queen one day you better grow up fast. Your actions are nothing to be proud of and it goes far beyond looking pretty in a cute dress and following William around like a puppy. Get involved in the family and make your place one that will be long remembered in a positive way. The Royal family has dealt with enough shame so it is time the next generation is mature and responsible for the people they represent. There will only be one Queen Elizabeth as the one we have now but that does not mean you can not follow in her lead and take the role gracefully.

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