3 responses to “The Royal Report for Sunday April 24, 2011 – Can royal wedding set the course for the monarchy?

  1. I really think they are going to turn around the Royal family. They will do things differntly, remember his mother, was Princess Diana, A wonderful woman with all her charities, and William and Harry have followed in her footsteps, she would defintely approve of Kate, who will change things for sure. For starters, her dress, if she wanted to do things diffently, Remember Quenn Victoria wore white on her wedding day and since then everyone has copyed that, before that you could wear whatever color you wanted. I think if Kate were to wear a very very pale blue dress with all the diamonds and pearls, (blue to match williams officers outfit), beautiful blue roses in her bouquet, things would start off to be looking forward immedialty, but that’s just my opinion

    • An interesting question I have since I watched Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding and the prelude to the ceremony. Diana had a very publicized “virginity check” where a ‘royal doctor’ did the exam for eyes on proof then a herald proclaimed it to the waiting press for world wide knowledge. Why not Kate? I guess since William and Kate had been living together prior it is a moot point of interest. So if not a virgin how come a ‘white dress’? Is the tradition of checking the brides virginity a part of royal requirements anylonger?

  2. I understand that Kate’swedding dress cost $40,000. But my friend insists it cost $140,000.
    Who is closest to the right amount.

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