Royal survival tips for Kate

Princess Kate: Roughing it with the Windsors


2 responses to “Royal survival tips for Kate

  1. Good morrow Marilyn, I am humbled that you have featured my post “Princess Kate: Roughing It with the Windsors” on your blog. This has resulted in a tremendous surge of traffic for my young blog.

    I love the concept of your talk radio show (The Royal Report) and I look forward following it, as well as, “The Royal Chronicle. ” May I ask if “The Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Report” will continue after the wedding?

    Very warm regards,
    Twinkle – the voice of SkyeNoor

  2. Happy to feature your post! Thank you for your kind words regarding my show and thank you for following my blogs. 🙂

    Not sure what will happen to this blog after the wedding. Guess it will have a name change, though I doubt there will be as much of a variety of news when she’s royal. We’ll see where the blog goes!

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