5 responses to “Thank you, Captain Obvious

  1. Actually, I was glad that he made a point of stating that her gown would be modest and that certain things just aren’t done in royal weddings. Some of the so-called experts who have been making the rounds on American chat shows lately (the moron who was on Rachael Ray last week comes to mind, though I can’t think of his name right now) have been so far wide of the mark it’s not even funny. Perhaps having someone who actually knows what he’s talking about might stifle some of the idiotic commentary.

  2. By stating her gown would be modest, Bruce Oldfield wasn’t revealing anything new. He was stating the obvious. At least to me. I love reading about royal weddings and looking at the dresses so he’s made no big revelation here.

    Considering the occasion, there’s no way her gown won’t be modest. Just like stating the gown will have sleeves, an extremely obvious and general statement. Look at photos of previous royal brides wedding dresses for an idea of how modest Kate’s dress will be expected to be. No cleavage, not strapless, no sex-appeal, nothing avante garde – she’s not going to take any chances. Plenty of time for that later. For anyone to say the dress will be traditional is a major understatement because there is no way it won’t be.

    Bruce Oldfield isn’t saying anything new and the more I hear him talk about Kate and the dress, the more I think he isn’t designing it. If he does happen to be designing the dress, he’s talking about it WAY too much. If I were Kate I would fire him post haste!

  3. Your headline made me laugh.

    I am writing a once a week post on all things Royal. Pop on by if you have a moment.

  4. Modest wedding dress? Yes please. I know she has the body but wouldn’t it be nice to see a wedding dress that is not sleeveless, strapless and all boob for a change?

  5. Sure it would but let’s think of the occasion, this is not a celebrity wedding where she has the option to try on different styles for each of her marriages. This is a royal wedding and the dress will be looked upon years and years from now. It needs to hold up, be classic – like Grace Kelly’s dress.

    That said, I think Kate is stunning but she doesn’t have the *ahem* support for a strapless gown.

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