The Royal Report for Sunday January 23, 2011 – William, Kate and the spectre of Diana

Will there be three people in William and Kate’s marriage? Is Chelsy Davy indifferent to royal warrants? Would a buzz-cut have hastened a royal engagement? What does Fergie have that Oprah doesn’t?

Find out on this episode:

Prince William, Kate Middleton and the spectre of Diana

Publications discussed

Hello! Canada Weekly No 202 24 January 2011

Websites and blogs mentioned

World of Royalty Website

World of Royalty Blog

From My Royal Collection

Diana, Unseen Archives by Alison Gauntlett

Tune in to the next episode of The Royal Report on Sunday January 30, 2011 at 9:00PM EST (North America)

The topic will be: Royal Focus – Westminster Abbey


5 responses to “The Royal Report for Sunday January 23, 2011 – William, Kate and the spectre of Diana

  1. .A Thai royal warrant holder is permitted to mount a Garuda sculpture modeled from this image at their office buildings…Royal warrants of appointment in have been issued for decades initially to those who supplied goods or services to the but have evolved to include companies and businesses that have shown exceptional services and commitment to the economic and social development of the nation. The warrant enables the company to advertise the royal approval of with the display of the royal Phra Khrut thus lending prestige to the company..The warrant is typically advertised on company hoardings letter-heads and products by displaying the Garuda as appropriate.

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  3. It is also a great delight to be here because I think although some historian may correct me that this is the first time that the has debated the royal warrant system since 1628. Of course the Commons did not have a very warm relationship with the royal family in 1628. Many senior and important figures in Britains history have held royal warrants of appointment.

  4. LONDONS best-known retailing landmark will be left a little bare next week when Mohamed Fayed the owner of Harrods tears 16 royal coats of arms from the facade of his store.. Royal removal Mohamed Fayed has ordered that all royal crests be taken down .

  5. Royal Grafton Fine Bone China – Founded c1900 Staffordshire England by Alfred Jones. Some Staffordshire potteries thrived and other Stoke-on-Trent makers like Royal Grafton bone china went to the wall. Grafton China became Royal Grafton after being given a royal warrant by Queen Mary.

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