30 responses to “Charles in crisis! And other parental news

  1. Would everyone PLEASE quit making hay where none exists regarding Camilla’s comment? She was quoted as she was walking out of a production of the Broadway show, “Wicked” – she was making a joke, and that’s it. If you’ve actually seen the video, she was warm and enthusiastic about the news, far more so than her curmudgeon of a husband who almost sneered and had to make a snide remark rather than offer his congratulations.

  2. Thank you for explaining why Camilla said the word wicked but what does wicked has to do with Catherine and William’s engagement. The Play that Camilla saw had to do with a and engagement or wedding?. Her remaarks was out of context. The world knew that she had envied Diana so why shouldn’t she be jealous of Kate.

  3. “Wicked” is sometimes used as a slang word to mean “wonderful,” and that’s what Camilla meant.

  4. Mavis, I don’t think that Camilla would or even should be jealous of Kate. It’s not as if Kate can threaten her relationship with Charles in the same way that Diana did. The only thing would be Kate eclipsing everyone, which she will no doubt do, that might be very difficult to deal with. But I would hope that the asset Kate becomes to the royal family would override any jealously. But there really is no comparison and Camilla should know that by now.

    I haven’t seen the clip but like Cinderella I think she was making a play on words – saying it was ‘wicked’ after having attended a performance of ‘wicked’ Clever pun.

    Something tells me though that we will be seeing far more stories like this in the future.

  5. Dearest: Cinderrilla and Marlyn,

    Thank you for the response to my comment, my mother advised ( always keep an open mind) and (listen to one’s opion). Live and learn.

    Princess Diana’s life and death shoul be a lesson. Experience is our best teacher and being once a British subject I pay great attention on the news in England.

  6. Hi Mavis πŸ™‚

    I definately agree with you about Diana. Things could have been very different had Diana had the support that she required in her royal role. Along with a husband who wasn’t having an affair while married to her. My hope is that the British royal family, and the media, have learnt something from what Diana went through. Kate will likely generate just as much interest as Diana and the media will no doubt go to great lengths to feed the appetite. Hopefully the royal family have learnt from Diana and will protect her from such intrusiveness.

  7. I’m just wondering how i should google the kate middleton report later when she’s princess william. How will u name the blog?

  8. Catherine of Scotland Report.

  9. Good guestion Daphne! πŸ™‚

    For now it will be the same site but after the wedding the title might change to something more ‘regal’ sounding. Ideas are welcome!

    Mavis, by the way, thanks for your suggestion! πŸ™‚

  10. It is beautiful that the name Catherine is brought forward from gone by ages (an old royal family name). There were Catherine of Arogan (1st wife of Henry the V111, also Catherine Parr and many royal spouses, Catherine the Great who was formerly a princess of Germany then ascended to Czarina of Russia. That name would be reborn again in this century babies will be Christened with the name again.

    Women who were born in the 1920s and ’30s carry the name. some spelt with a “K”

    • Karleene Bowman

      Also Catherine Howard, Anne Boleyn’s 1st cousin that was rightfully executed for adultery, unlike her cousin Anne who was innocent.

  11. I think Catherine is a beautiful name and I actually prefer it being spelled with a ‘C’ – don’t ask me why, it just looks more elegant.

    Apologies to any visitors named Katherine. πŸ™‚

    • I , like many people that admired Diana, have always felt that Charles was mean to her and that Camilla was his enabler, allowing him to pretend he was too good to feel responsibility to his wife and children. Good luck to William and Kate, and I hope that when Charles goes to God, that she is happily put in her own house which she requested at her marriage, and ignored. Really trashy people, the Waleses; royal or not.

  12. I would like to add that Camilla is a hag, and I am sick of the press and others trying to make the world accept her as a nice woman. She’s fine with Charles, being the limp stick man that he is, but she’s not special enough to be considered a royal. If the House of Windsor wants worldwide respect, then they should start earning it.

  13. K. Bowman, I’m interested in your comment “She’s not special enough to be considered a royal.” Often people seem to want royals to be more down-to-earth and live/talk/act like average people, but at the same time, there’s still a feeling that royals are, or should be, special. So I found your comment thought-provoking. Is Kate special enough to be royal? So far people seem to think so.

  14. Hi Cinderella, by “special enough” I am referring to Camilla’s character or behavior; her history. Kate is a well brought up lady who to my knowledge hasn’t been cheating on any previous husbands or been committing adultery with other women’s husbands. Some people may think that the royals should act or talk like average people, but in my opinion they should behave as an example of manners, “class”, to show how people ‘should’ behave and live their lives decently. Yes, they are human, but in their positions they have an opportunity to lead by example. And yes, Kate will be fine as a royal.

  15. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

  16. K Bowman, your name isn’t Katherine is it? πŸ™‚

    Yes, Charles and Camilla committed adultery, there is no way to ever forgive that. Having said that, Charles and Diana were not suited to one another and should never have gotten married in the first place. Of Diana, Charles and Camilla, one could say that none of them set a very good example, personally.

    Camilla obviously makes Charles happy, he seems more content than he ever has in years. His sons accept Camilla. The Queen allowed them to get married, so they have the acceptance of the most important people in the equation. There are people who don’t accept her and never will.

    The royals are human and they are held up to an unrealistic standard of behavior. Maybe at one point they were examples but the age of deference is gone. But if you look at the work that they do, actually look at the causes they are patrons of and how many people that have benefited from them (The Prince’s Trust) then the example that they set is stellar.

    Sheesh, starting to sound like a monarchist…heaven help me! πŸ˜‰

    • Karleene Bowman

      Are you a monarchist?

    • Karleene Bowman

      Whether his sons accept Camilla will be determined after his death, assuming he goes first. The son’s love of their Father is shown in their apparent acceptance of his wife. However, I believe it is only for their Father’s sake that they pretend an acceptance of Camilla. After Charles is gone, the loyalty to their Mother will prevail.

  17. Hi Marilyn, No, my name isn’t Katherine, though I agree with you that it is a lovely name. You said you used to be British, meaning you are now an American? I am an American, so though I devour all history as I love it, you are probably better able to see things that I can’t. I know the British have survived good and bad Kings and Queens, so I suspect they will continue to do so. In this country, we are presently going through a very bad patch with questionable leadership, but I know we’ll survive.

  18. Marilyn, I am sooooo sorry. It was Mavis that said she was formerly a British subject. Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. No worries K! Although I’m proud to be a Canadian, I take being called British to be a compliment! πŸ™‚

  20. Marilyn, “good for you”! I love your country’s history and am delighted you replied.

  21. Marilyn, which province in Canada do you live in? I presently live in the Mojave desert, but will be going back north when my husband retires. He was originally from Montana.

  22. Catherine, Katherine, Mary, Elizabeth have always been popular names.

  23. Karleene Bowman

    I suppose that I have exhausted my opinions so I bid you all goodbye.

  24. Karlenne???? All opinions are welcome! Makes for more interesting discussions that way. πŸ™‚

    Well, some would say that I live in Canada’s Centre of the Universe, so I’ll leave it at that πŸ˜‰

    Yes, those have always been popular names, Victoria was also popular too. I think when they have their first child, and if it’s a girl, people will probably expect ‘Diana’ to be thrown in there somewhere.

  25. Late into the discussion here, but just wanted to remind people that Harry has already said that he and William ‘love Camilla to bits’. Why should anyone think otherwise when Harry has made this crystal clear? While the princes may not be go-to-church-every-Sunday people, they are Christians and I’m sure the last thing they would ever want to do is bear any resentment or anger towards either their father or Camilla.

    As for Camilla’s use of the word ‘wicked’, I thought everyone nowadays knows the current meaning of ‘wicked’ is ‘wonderful’. Camilla may be over 60 but she obviously keeps more up to date than some! She has since said the royal family is so lucky to have Kate, she has been out lunching with Kate and Pippa, so it looks like they have a good relationship which is what I would expect. Why anyone wants to drag the past into the present as regards royal relationships I don’t know. Can’t people just be glad that William and Kate are happy together, Charles and Camilla are happy together, the future for the monarchy looks bright. We just need Harry to get settled sometime in the future – will it be with Chelsy? And who knows? – maybe Andrew and Sarah will end up back together again in the future.

    It’s nice to see such happy times for the royal family and I fail to see why anyone would want to make such remarks as ‘Camilla is a hag’ which, BTW, having seen her in person is certainly NOT true; she’s a very attractive lady for her age and is very popular with the people she meets and chats to. That nasty remark says far more about the person making it than it does about Camilla. It really does seem to get under some people’s skin that Camilla is now happily married to Charles, that she is a royal princess and will continue to be so even if Charles dies before her, she also has her own children and grandchildren (one of her grandchildren will be one of Kate’s bridesmaids), her life is a very, very happy one.

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