9 responses to “What Prince William & Kate Middleton really said

  1. Administrator:

    I would suggest that you change the ‘heading photoraph’ of Kate Middleton to a nicer looking one.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Mavis,

    I think you’re right, the blog could do with an overhaul couldn’t it?

    Marilyn (aka co-Administrator – Cinderella is the other Administrator)

    By the way, what did you think of the interview?

  3. I think that Kate did well at the interview seeing that she never spoke to the media. I can see that William would be very protective of her and he also did well no airs, bragging or boasting. Since Catherine has begun to be in the spotlight the less she says would be better for her, the Royal family and Great Britain. Too much prattling shows a lack of secrectcy .

  4. Please enhance the heading will a pleasant photo of Kate.

    Thank you.

  5. Yes, an air of mystery never hurt anyone.

    Though she has to walk a fine line with this. On the one hand she needs to be accessible to the public, on the other hand she needs to maintain some distance. Becoming a member of the royal family will naturally put a ‘barrier’ in effect, around her. However, if she says nothing she’ll be labelled as cold and snobbish, if she says too much, then she’s not doing herself or the RF any favors. For now she is doing the right thing and she has, hopefully, the best people at her disposal to help her with this. Regardless, this new role and situation will be daunting for her.

  6. Regarding the image Mavis, duly noted.

  7. Although this was Kate MIddleton’s first interview, she knew she would have to speak publicly sooner or later and I’m surprised she wasn’t better prepared with her answers. There were so many ‘”um”s, “you know”s, and stumbles – it was irritating. Mary of Denmark has not put a foot wrong since her relationship with Frederik became public, and perhaps Kate should follow Mary’s example.

  8. I’ve heard that Mary has her detractors too, as will Kate in time.

    This was Kate’s first interview and regardless of any preparation, it was no doubt still a daunting experience for her. Difficult to suddenly get rid of filler speech like ‘um’ and ‘you knows’ overnight too.

    Reading the transcript, yes there are certain answers she could have handled better, like the work question, because that’s been an issue for some people and this would have been the forum to properly address it. Once she’s royal I doubt anyone will get the opportunity to ask and get an answer again. So the answer she did give is preserved for posterity, to be played ad nauseum and revisted should something happen up the road. Like Charles and Diana’s engagement interview has.

    Overall I would say she did well, handled herself far better than most would have in the same situation. At least she didn’t have that ‘deer in the headlights look’ that Daniel Westling had in his engagement interview with Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden!

  9. Marilyn:

    I agree woth you 100%

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