2 responses to “Well, if you haven’t learnt enough about Kate Middleton here…

  1. Kate, you are a beautiful young woman. Princess Diana was, so was Princess Grace, so was Marilyn Monroe. They were all chewed out and thrown to the wolves Don;t let this happen to you. Of course, you are young and savvy, remember Anne Boleyn. Much love, Barbara

  2. Kate has an advantage over Diana in that she seems to have a husband who will support her. William even said in the interview (I’m paraphrasing) that he’s learning from past mistakes and is very protective of Kate and her family as well. Very different from Charles.

    Don’t think William, Charles or even the Queen, would ever allow Kate to be thrown to the wolves. Though you never know. If Kate is as popular as Diana and eclipses them then it might be a different story – unfortunately. She won’t be seen as an asset then. But I think she’s safe – fingers crossed!

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