Kate Middleton’s charming childhood memories

Posted by Marilyn

Kate Middleton: The First Interview


4 responses to “Kate Middleton’s charming childhood memories

  1. I don’t know how charming it is. It seems a bit like a running advert for her parents’ party supplies business. She’s the greatest marketing asset they have I’ll wager.


    If William brings this woman’s family into the royal family then we can say goodbye to the monarchy for good. Even at a scaled down level the public will expect something better for their money. No offence meant but William needs to let her go, and she needs to get a life and stop hanging on to the coat tails of his position.

  3. Brad, I think the interview originally was on the Party Pieces website to begin with so yes, it is to market her parent’s business. The fact that she’s the girlfriend of Prince William doesn’t hurt either. I find it charming because she admits she likes Jelly and her favorite outfit was a pair of clown dungarees.

    Letitia, if William and Kate marry, how will this be the end of the monarchy? The monarchy is losing its relevance but with them marrying it might actually spark an interest and reinvigorate the family instead of destroying it. Remember, this is a family that has survived the abdication crisis, Camilla-gate, Diana’s death, toe sucking Fergie, and more embarassing moments. It’s going to take a lot more to destroy the monarchy than a young, attractive woman marrying the second in line to the throne.

    • Marilyn. I get your point, they are hard nuts to crack and a law unto themselves. It is like the never ending story. Why don’t they just get married and let us all say Amen.

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