3 responses to “The Royal Report for Sunday March 28, 2010 – The End of Hope episode

  1. I still think it’s possible for an engagement this year. But I’m starting to wonder if there’s something going on behind closed doors to prevent them from getting engaged, or annoucing their already existing engagement.

  2. It has been said that no engagement would be possible before the general elections. Also Prince William is pretty busy trying to finish up his training this year. It ends in August. A royal engagement can still come after the elections but I still think we are looking at a 2011 wedding.

  3. augustarose, there could very well be something behind closed doors that we’re unaware of. Let’s hope it’s good!

    Rman, it is possible for an engagement to be announced but I think it’s unlikely to happen in 2010. But again I’m going by the pattern of royal tradition with these things. I agree that we’re probably looking at a 2011 wedding though, with an announcement in February of the same year. Fingers crossed!

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