Another accolade for Kate

Posted by Marilyn

She’s 19th on the list of Hottest Bodies in the World.


3 responses to “Another accolade for Kate

  1. It is a pity that Kate is not being seen doing constructive things, she is a college graduate. I cannot see her parents encouraging her not to put her education to good use. Princess Maxima of Holland, Mary, Letiza, Our own Princess Diana, Fergie, Sophie, even the Japanese princess was a Havard graduate and worked at the United Nations and others were professional women before they married their princes.

    Kate is being photographs for the wrong reasons and not being mysterous. Not good.

  2. Yes it is a shame that she’s not putting her education to good use. Prior to their marriages Maxima, Masako and Letizia’s education and professionalism adds a new dynamic to their roles. A new type of Crown Princess. They’re beautiful, but they also have brains. Kate could be that too but she seems to spend too much time waiting for William. And I say this as a Kate supporter. It would be nice to see her do something else other than be available to William at a moments notice. Maybe that’s not the way it is between them in private but that’s the way it appears to those paying attention to it.

    Diana, Fergie, and Sophie didn’t graduate from university and maybe the expectations for the British family are less for their royal women. They seem to be miles behind their counterparts. They brought something different to their roles and each did them well in their own way. Diana might as well have written the book on being a global superstar princess – she had it down pat. Hopefully, if Kate does marry William, that she will bring her education and brains to the role and we can actually see her make her mark.

  3. Marilyn:
    Dearest, I agree, it seems that she is spending too much time waiting on William, she reminds me of Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco. I do hope that Kate wheather she has a job or not would become mysterious. I cannot see her parents feeding and clothing a healty 27 year old woman. I like her but not the publicity she is exposed to. The Scene is becoming stale and boring.

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