For those wondering what William sees in Kate…

Posted by Marilyn

Prince William and why your wife might be just like your mother.


3 responses to “For those wondering what William sees in Kate…

  1. Kate, Kate, Kate. Every body calls her Waite Katie. Prince William does she really love you, or does she love fame. Yes she is waiting everybody sees that. Workie Katie was working with her family business, what happen? Then she wanted to try other things. No Katie, you can’t do that? It is not proper. Now if & when Will & Kate get married, you are going to be told when, where, and why? Is this what you want Kate, being a door mat, It will never change. Prince William and his family will tell you no all the time. You will be control.
    One more thing I heard a comment made by a royal (would you do this to normal people. ) What is normal Kate? I guess all the people who are not royals. If it was not for the normal people they would not be around. I see Diana all over again. She loved Charles and shy. Kate loves William and shy. Good Luck, But is this love real? He loves me, he love not, ???

  2. I think that the Queen is opposing the union because Kate is a commoner. Therefore, Will has not proposed as he is too dependent on the Queen’s favor.

  3. Amanda Vallery

    I think that anything woth having does not comeeasy. If you feel that your love is worth fighting for, then the struggles are not obstacles! True love is worth the suffering, it is the heartache that makes the truth stand so clear! I believe in you both! Love conquers all! You make a beautiful couple!

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