They’re already calling her Bakey Katie

Posted by Cinderella

That scheming Kate Middleton is up to it again! She is reportedly working on “secret plans” to open a cake shop. And not just any cake shop — a POSH cake shop. Who does she think she is — the girlfriend of the future king?

I’m sure she’s just doing this to trick Prince William into marrying her. Everyone knows princes can’t resist cake. She has no shame.

(That was my attempt at sounding like a Kate basher. What do you think – did I pull it off?)


9 responses to “They’re already calling her Bakey Katie

  1. Please leave Kate alone, So far she has not brought disgrace to the Royal Family nor Britain.
    If she works they will complain. If she does not work or use her mind they will complain. The Americans like her.

  2. Kate Middleton WON’T ever make it as a Royal cause they actually have work to do and things to show up for.

    A POSH cake shop – is she a pastry chef we knew nothing about?

    I sincerely hope the British people have an uprising if William really does decide to get engaged to this lazy woman.

  3. There are many lazy royals or those who married into the family and they learned how to make their keeps”finally”.

    Life is what we make it.

  4. We do not know if Kate assists her parents at their business Co. It would be difficult for her to work anywhere because the media will make it’s presence known which would not be good for whomever she works for. Also Prince William probably advised her not to work since security will be a problem for her. She is not a member of the Royals therefore it would not be fair for the tax payer to pay for her security.

    Unfortunately the pictures we see of her are either partying or vacationing. This is negative.

    One never knows…Prince Albert of Monaco his sweetheart Charlene has been involved in Charity work and seems to be doing everything right an engagement has not been forth coming let lone a marriage. Good topic

  5. Sallie, in case you couldn’t tell, I was kidding in my post. And I don’t see anything lazy about starting a business. I think it shows creativity and ambition.

  6. Cinderella, to be a full-fledged Kate hater you need to make a YouTube video. Anything less is just posturing. Good try though!! 😉

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