6 responses to “The Kate Middleton Report 2009 Year in Review

  1. Personally KATE MIDDLETON is so wrong for Prince William, after all the broken marriages in the Royal Family, her family have bad vibes with her uncle,and drug abuse, they should think ver carefully about letting her into the royal family.
    However Prince Harry and his girlfriend Chelsy Davy are much more suited she
    has a lot more class.

  2. It’s interesting because Chelsy is seen as not being royal bride material – very rarely have I read an article that mentions the possibility. With her tendancy to party, you’d think that Chelsy would be the one with the family issues.

    That said, Kate’s family isn’t perfect. Whose is nowadays?

    Those who live in glass houses with eccentric family members shouldn’t throw stones….

  3. I’ve always kind of thought Harry would end up marrying Chelsy. (People scoffed when I said Charles would marry Camilla, too…)

    William and Kate? I don’t know anymore. I suppose logically they’ll marry but… who knows.

  4. With William and Kate I don’t know either. I can’t really imagine Chelsy marrying Harry though. She seems like she’s too much of a free spirt to be confined to the royal way of life.

  5. Is Camilla giving Kate advise?, didn’t she advise Diana also what is the fox up to

  6. I hope that Camilla wasn’t giving Kate advice. We saw where that led Diana.

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