The doormat and the feet

Posted by Cinderella

It’s time for another look at the search terms people used to find this blog. Kate’s feet remain popular (lots of searches for kate middleton feet and the like), but they have recently been overshadowed by a certain rumor that I’ll try to debunk:

kate middleton pregnant

william doormat kate
Poor Prince William, forced to date this attractive young woman for years.

kate ground foot
Seems like a good place for her foot.

princess eugenie in pantyhose
Sorry, wrong blog.

kate middleton pregnant

kate middleton expecting

prince william pregnant
Now that is a new twist.

kates ground foot
So where’s her other foot?

kate middleton rumors
I heard a rumor that she’s pregnant. Also that she has feet.

kate middleton is a gold digger 2009
The gold digger and the doormat — it’s so sad.

kate middleton pregnant

is kate middleton pregnant??
Fine. I give up. Maybe she is.

is bridget bardot divorced at the moment
More importantly, is she pregnant? And where are her feet?


3 responses to “The doormat and the feet

  1. I feel like she is the next Princess Di, except not quite as pretty.

  2. Great post! Love it! Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  3. Glad you enjoyed it! The search terms always make me laugh.

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