Kate Middleton speaks!

Posted by Marilyn

Although it never occurred to us that she couldn’t.

(Thanks to Rman for letting us know about this video)


2 responses to “Kate Middleton speaks!

  1. She has a very nice voice. A blogger from another royal forum found the video on the Marketing website. I was totally surprised to hear her speak for the first time.

    Here is some photos and a video of William and Kate kissing in the car park of a bar. They look really in love. But I think this is an invasion of their privacy if you ask me.


  2. Yes, she does have a nice voice. I can see her attending an engagement and thanking a small child for the flower posy with that voice.

    Thanks for the link to the photo Rman! I agree with you about the invasion of privacy. I think you’ve even given me a show idea too! 🙂

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