SuperPrince to the rescue!

Posted by Cinderella

Prince William might look like a mild-mannered reporter — er, I mean, helicopter pilot — but he has a secret super-power that other superheroes would surely envy.

In the middle of this financial crisis, he can “spark a spending spree to end all spending sprees” by simply proposing to Kate Middleton. Let’s see Superman do that.


One response to “SuperPrince to the rescue!

  1. Marilyn I have a strong feeling that announcement will come soon. I don’t this this relationship will drag on for more years to come without a wedding.

    I thought you was going to mention Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden engagement to Daniel Westling. They have been dating for seven years like William & Kate. Their wedding will take place summer 2010.

    I just heard your report on Diana and yes she was a woman who really cared about the work she was doing. After her divorce, she dropped many of her charities and started to focus on just a few that she could really get involved with. She used her status and press attention to highlight the purpose of the charities and organizations. I don’t think she tried to hurt the Monarchy because she had a major respect for it but she knew that it would have to change with the times and she really helped them see the light of change and getting in touch with the people. She is one missed woman.

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