Kate, your gold inlaid chariot awaits

Posted by Marilyn

Should Kate and William get married, she can look forward to a ride in The State Coach Britannia. The Britannia is Gold inlaid with more gold than any other vehicle made for Britain in 200 years.

Features include a time capsule, metal from a musket ball, and wood from various historical yachts. The two door handles are individually decorated with 24 diamonds and 130 sapphires. Not to mention the electric windows, hydraulic independent suspension and heating.

A must for any royal bride on her special day.


2 responses to “Kate, your gold inlaid chariot awaits

  1. It’s a beautiful carriage Marilyn and I’m sure William will put it to use in the future. Just to let you know there’s another book due to come come out on March 2nd. It’s called William & Kate the Love Story by Robert Jobson. Here’s the link to the book. It has no cover yet.


  2. Thank you for letting me know about this book. I appreciate it! At one point there were hardly any books about them and now there are four!

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