Romance Windsor Style

Posted by Marilyn

After a long, worrisome absence for royal watchers, Kate Middleton and Prince William finally made a show of togetherness and signs look good towards an engagement. After all, the couple that kills together, stays together. Right?


3 responses to “Romance Windsor Style

  1. I’m from Brazil and I LOVE Kate Middleton!!
    I was fascinated by it last year, when I saw her in “Concert for Diana” and then went to search all about she and William … I think people get so unfair speaking ill of her .. (Sorry for my bad english) 😉

  2. Marilyn, It was really good to see them going on stronger than ever.

  3. Like Pippa, she only hangs out with aristocrats. Waity Katie no longer keeps in touch from the more humble crowd that knew her so long ago.

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