Kate haters, there is hope!

Posted by Cinderella

Just can’t bring yourself to be fascinated by Kate Middleton? Annoyed by the way she’s forever parading around in bikinis? You may feel the situation is hopeless, but change is possible.


5 responses to “Kate haters, there is hope!

  1. Hah! You found my blog! : )

  2. Marilyn found it, and I’m glad she did – it’s a fun blog!

  3. I just don’t like her because I think she’s a nitwit. I just can’t get over the fact that here is a girl who had a good education but wouldn’t do anything other than wait for prince william to propose. I am a single parent of two boys and you know if I had the chance to have been able to go college like she did..The possibilities would have been endless. I mean, if she would only make something of herself rather than wait around then may be I will like her too. I always tell my boys that they should date a woman who has an education and may be a career this way if ever the time comes that the woman wants to work or stay home with their kids they have options.And with all these waiting around what is she going to do if he dumps her tomorrow–go out clubbing wear short dresses like she did before and hope he’d come back again.Pathetic…

  4. idasotera, that’s the problem. Kate cannot speak up for herslf so the public can talk about her like a dog and think that all she do is sit around waiting for William to propose. The public has no idea what Kate do in private because it’s her business. All we have seen is Kate being there for William when she can and he obviously wants her there. She has not given herself a reputation of putting her life on hold for William, some members of the public and media gave her that reputation. The girl do have a life outside of William’s you know. She seem to be working hard for her family just like William is working hard for his family. Just because she shows up to a event with him doesn’t mean her life is built around him. It’s not easy dating a royal, the media has trashed her and made fun of her family but after all of that, we still see a confident and well mannered woman by William’s side and we have to respect the fact that William wants her there, if not he would got rid of her long ago. She’s just a strong person.

  5. If the private details or my life (or my friends’ lives) were published for all the world to see, we’d probably look like a bunch of shiftless losers after college too. It takes time to decide what you want to be when you grow up, and adding romantic relationships doesn’t help much either. Who’d want to hire her knowing the press would swarm the office or she could be getting married within the year?

    I think she behaves remarkably well. And I’m obsessed with her hair — can we have more discussions about her hair products and the style she has? Seriously, someone go through her trash and find out what kind of shampoo she uses.

    K, thx. 🙂

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