Wanted: Kate Middleton

Posted by Marilyn

Recently it seems that there’s been no news about Kate, no inventive tabloid stories. None of Kate’s friends seem to have sold her out. Hello! Magazine isn’t featuring her on the cover.

What are we supposed to do?

If you have any news about Kate or are a friend who would like to sell her out to us. Please let us know.

No, really..PLEASE let us know..we’re begging you…well, actually I’m begging you..but that’s beside the point..ANY tidbit of info you can provide would be appreciated.


4 responses to “Wanted: Kate Middleton

  1. We are definitely in a Kate Middleton-news drought and need help!

  2. Where is she? Did someone drop her off on a remote island?

  3. Maybe the reason she has been hiding out is because william probably gave her a good talking to after her embarrassing ” Roller Disco” charity event.

  4. She’s completely disappeared. She wasn’t even mentioned in Tatler’s little black book this month. Her sister and bro (and Prince Will of course) made it but its like she never existed… wierd. Maybe she’s slowly being phased out….

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