Kate Behaving Badly

Posted by Marilyn

Poor Kate. She isn’t even royal yet and she’s already being made an example of by hypocrites everywhere.


2 responses to “Kate Behaving Badly

  1. Hypocrites everywhere? I don’t go around breaking the law. If I did then I’d expect to get the rightful penalty. She did the wrong thing. She deserves what everyone else gets. Hypocrites and all.

  2. Yes hypocrites! For her to be held up as an example is unfair. You don’t know what she did – whether she was driving or not. You don’t even know whether she’s been fined or not, do you? Would that make you happy? Probably not. Making this a big issue makes her a whipping post for the insecurity and jealousy of others. That’s wrong, maybe there should be a law.

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