Kate prances, Bea giggles?

Posted by Cinderella

Rumor has it that Princess Beatrice thinks Kate Middleton “has got all uppity and is prancing around like she’s queen already.”


5 responses to “Kate prances, Bea giggles?

  1. I would like to make a comment: I do believe that Kate Middleton is not the right one for Prince William. Too early too soon. I do believe that Prince William should play the field and meet other young eligible ladies. So he will have other choices. Prince William had spent so many years with just one lady and had lost a lot of opportunities of meeting the right person or woman. Kate in my opinion, is very manipulative and cunning. Kate ensured that she enrolled at St. Andrews, had set her eyes and plans on getting Prince by hook or by crook.

  2. In my opinion, when Prince William tried to win Kate back, Kate’s head swelled and she started to become “uppity up” like what Princess Beatrice said. Prince William should never have gotten back with Kate in the first place. But rather, meet and get to know other women rather than just be stuck and be manipulated by Kate M.

  3. Chere, thank you for your comment. I don’t really agree that Prince William is too young to settle down. Queen Elizabeth committed herself to Prince Philip at a young age, and that seems to have worked out well. I don’t know if Kate Middleton is the right person for Prince William, but something must have kept them together all these years. I think that’s a good sign in itself.

  4. Are you people serious? You can have no idea about whether Kate Middleton is “manipulative” or “uppity” or anything else because you presumably don’t know her. And maybe you are/were/will be too young to settle down at Prince William’s age, but you have no idea if he is. Why should he “play the field”? I just bought an expensive ipod and I didn’t need to “play the field” trying out other mp3 players before I made the decision because the ipod felt right.

    It pains me to think that there are people like you guys out there, who are willing to judge people and their motivations based on tabloid rubbish. Get a grip!

  5. Oh dear me! I didn’t know it was still Kate-Hunting Season!! Or maybe it never ends, does it?…

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