Wishing you were here Kate…

Posted by Marilyn

…To give us great press coverage.


3 responses to “Wishing you were here Kate…

  1. Anybody that has been married for any real length of time understands that marriage is all about complete self-sacrifice. Prince William will be head of the Church of England as well as the head of the country. He must put the country first. If Kate really loves him and wants to be his wife, she should be required to demonstrate her love to him and to the UK … by waiting the full EIGHT years… and get a real life of her own “without her parents’ (or Prince William’s) money!!!!” Prince William is very young and marriage is a very serious decision. Kate Middleton has seemed very manipulative in attaining Prince William through her contact with him at University (roommates/parading around in lingerie/poster of Prince William up on her wall).

  2. Don’t you think it’s unrealistic to expect Kate to wait 8 years? Until 2016? How does that demonstrate her love for William? Put yourself in her shoes for a moment, if you, after dating someone for six years, were asked to wait another eight years, would you do so? Wouldn’t you, after all of that time, expect some type of committment? True, marriage is a serious committment but William may lose the best thing that’s come into his life by waiting too long. William is in a unique position, he has duties and responsibilities. But his role can be balanced by his relationship with his wife. Look at Prince Charles putting duty ahead of love. He spent the next 30 years paying for it. William needs to decide what is best for him and Kate needs to decide what’s best for her. No relationship is healthy when only one person is doing all of the sacrificing.

  3. Kudos to Prince William for making a sound and great decision. Prince William is still very young. In fact, I do recommend that PW meet other women and play the field first so he will be able to have choices and perhaps find the real one. I do hope Prince William will take his long time before settling down. I find Ms. Middleton to be a very manipulative woman. Kate had just one thing in mind and that was to catch and get PW and be Queen someday. Kate already planned and manipulated all these even before entering St. Andrews. Ms. Middleton also took advantage of the privileges (PW being in the same circle of friends they had in college). I also find Kate a hypocrite – pretending to hate the papparazi but when she is in front of them she is all smiles. I did agree with Prince William’s decision of going for the RAF as that will make him a better person and a more well equipped Prince or King one day. I just hope he finds the RIGHT WOMAN, who will be his soulmate and partner

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