Triumph of the commoner

Posted by Cinderella

People have said it before and they’ll say it again: Kate Middleton is just like Anne Boleyn! Er, except for that whole head-chopped-off thing, one hopes.

(I am still waiting impatiently for someone to compare Kate to Marie Antoinette…)


One response to “Triumph of the commoner

  1. Yes, watching The Tudors almost makes me think the writers of the show were having a deliberate dig at KM in the scripts!

    As for Marie Antoinette, I’m sure this is yet to come…as the nation’s food bills soar ever higher, KM will be swanning around, “let the chavs eat pannetone”…

    Perhaps Boris Johnson should have had her with him to get his upgrade to Beijing?? It’s a funny world we live in when a nobody like KM is offered VIP all the way, when our Mayor goes for the Olympic handover for our country and is denied!

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