Where is Kate Middleton?

Posted by The Royal Insider

It seems media sources and bloggers everywhere are concerned with the lack of Kate Middleton updates. “It’s unprecedented” said one blogger who wished to remain nameless. “How can we maintain our Kate Middleton blogs without Kate news?”

Bloggers are keeping their fingers crossed that Kate will go out for groceries, go on vacation, or change her hairstyle. “After all, the Kate Middleton Report is about Kate Middleton. You know, All Kate, all the time. I’m starting to think we need to change the blog tag line to Sometimes Kate, some of the time.” said Marilyn from The Kate Middleton Report. “I’m trying to remain calm but it’s hard you know. You can’t run a Kate blog without her.”

But lurkers everywhere are starting to panic. “There’s no need to worry at the moment, after all, its only been a week. She has to show up at some point.” Said one lurker who wished to remain anonymous. She can’t hide from us forever, can she?”


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