Is Kate Middleton the next Kate Moss?

Posted by The Royal Insider

Tyra Banks

Cindy Crawford

Claudia Schiffer

Linda Evangelista

Kate Moss

Christy Turlington

Could Kate take her place amongst these rapidly ageing modelling legends? Sources reveal that Kate has been approached by a modelling agent. “It was bound to happen, I just don’t know why it took so long,” says a pal. “Kate has always vamped it up in front of the mirror” a former classmate recalls. “In school she would constantly strike poses, looking for her good side, practicing her cat-walk, stuff like that. She always said that she wanted to be the next Kate Moss.”

But the industry can be tough. “At 26 she’s a bit too old to start modelling.” says a rep at a top agency. “Having said that, Linda Evangelista just made a comeback so anything is possible.” It remains to be seen whether Kate will succeed. “Even if she doesn’t become the next top model,” says a family friend, “she’ll always have Prince William to fall back on.”

Believe it or not?


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