Invitation to a Royal Wedding

Posted by Marilyn

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Prince donkey-faced William and Kate we’re-bored-of-you Middleton.

That is, if you care.


2 responses to “Invitation to a Royal Wedding

  1. kate’s desperation to be william’s bride has been so imment.she bragged to be called Catherine instead of kate??? Maybe to cover her frustartions and look like she is preparing to be queen.Why, what took her so long to understand she is not going to become his bride? I have a good bet Jecca will be queen rather tha Kate. If there is a measure of stupidity , kate will win, she the most stupid woman in Britain, i don’t know where she get that , maybe from mama carol! her dad is quiet intellegent looking, he run their buziness. I have a good guess carol middleton share her intellect w/ kate that is why they look alike in many ways including IQ.

  2. I don’t think Kate (or her family) is stupid at all. In fact, I think Kate has a very good chance of becoming William’s bride.

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