Will Kate wait for Prince William?

Posted by The Royal Insider

As Prince William’s three month stint in the Royal Navy fast approaches, sources reveal that Kate might be having second doubts about her relationship. “She’s waited long enough, she’s considering giving him an ultimatum” says a friend close to the couple. A friend of William says “William loves Kate, but he realizes that duty must come first. She has to understand this if she does marry into the royal family.It’s not all about her.”

But Kate’s growing frustration has taken its toll. “She doesn’t know what to do. She’s at her wits end.” Kate has recently gone as far as to tell people she’s changing her name to Catherine in an attempt to make herself seem more royal. “She’s ready to marry him.”

William may be advised to make his move.  “His father lost Camilla when he went away to his stint in the Royal Navy.” The Queen herself is said to be concerned and has privately met with William.

“No one wants history to repeat itself.”

The Royal Insider says: And when we continue to believe these news stories it definately does.


5 responses to “Will Kate wait for Prince William?

  1. I think this girl has been waiting around and around and around. Either she gets a ring or she doesn’t. After the story today about the Queen wondering why this out-of-college-four-years chick doesn’t have a proper job, Her Majesty may be thinking that Kate’s waiting around for a better job – her’s one day.

  2. “out-of-college-four-years chick”

    Didn’t she graduate in June 2005? So that would mean she is only out of university 3 years this month.

  3. Do you guy’s really think she will fit in ? I mean princess Diana is an aristocrat her family have a connection to the royal so she got along. Too much preassure on her. If I were her Prince William should have asked her now than waiting.

  4. Elle: Her Majesty may be thinking that Kate’s waiting around for a better job – her’s one day.

    Great line.

    Regardless of whether someone is educated or not, people don’t always know what to do with their lives, Kate included. She just has the luxury of not having to worry too much about it.

    So far it seems that Kate is being slowly assimilated into the royal family. Much like Sophie Wessex who dated Prince Edward for 5 years. Extenuating circumstances have prevented an engagement – schooling, military commitments, etc, but hopefully there will be one after William’s stint in the Navy.

  5. Duh, the prince cad is looking mighty sexy. i wish he’d stay single and find that girl who he wants to spend all his time with. Those royals can do anything they want.

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