The Kate problem

Posted by Cinderella

Rumor has it that the Queen wants Kate Middleton — sorry, I mean Catherine Middleton — to get a job.


6 responses to “The Kate problem

  1. for realz? I don’t believe it.

  2. I wonder why the interviewer in the CBS video (included in the article linked above) isn’t at least a little bit skeptical about this, since it is just a rumor. (And didn’t Mario Testino deny that he offered Kate a job?)

  3. I don’t believe it, why would this come up now? There are no specific qualifications for marrying into the royal family. Diana didn’t have much education or a career and look at the impact she made.

  4. Yes, and if Kate married Prince William, she would very likely have to give her career up. So this story seems dubious to me, too.

  5. That’s the thing I don’t understand. Yes, she would have to give the job up eventually anyways, so what’s the point? It’s a little late now – how much job experience will she get if an engagement is announced in the next few months?

  6. Hi- If I can give my thoughts,,,You say “she would have to give the job up eventually anyways, so what’s the point?….”

    I don’t think it’s ever too late to show what you can do or what you are made of. If it’s too late for her to get situated into a job, that she may well have to give up, what is wrong with her doing ( quietly) charity work, or going back to school to study SOMETHING that will help her in a role of a royal? I feel the people are upset because of her not working, but would be ok with her ( and I dare say , perhaps the Queen will be a little happy as well) doing something constructive and not to just “waste” precious time… IMO, she has not proven herself worthly of being part of the Monarchy. Prince William, on the other hand, deserves all he gets if he marries this lazy girl!! IMO, of course!

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