Kate Middleton is pregnant!!

Posted by The Royal Insider

Clarence House announced today that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a child together in the Autumn.

There are no plans for the couple to get married at present.

Sources close to the couple are delighted by the news. “It’s a bit unorthodox, but Kate and William are a modern couple who will bring the royal family into the 21st century.” Camilla is said to be less than pleased. “She thinks they should have been more careful, in her day she took precautions. The last thing she and Charles needed was a surprise like that!”

However, some royal watchers …

have quipped: “if having illegitimate children is good enough for Monaco, Norway and Luxembourg” then why not the British royal family too!”

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!!!!


3 responses to “Kate Middleton is pregnant!!

  1. Denissia D'Abreau

    Prince William is coming to the Caribbean where he will met a lot of beautifully,well groomed girls,fit to be princesses with great ambitions. Don’t let one girl rule your life Prince William,let life take its course and who knows your soul mate could be waiting and you are being sent on a mission to find her whilst working.Choose to be happy for a lifetime…

  2. William doesn’t seem like the fling type

  3. Pregnancy seems the only way that she’ll be able to tie this one down. I don’t believe the waiting until thirty thing that William has been saying. If he really wanted Kate, he wouldn’t wait until he was thirty. William’s just buying time to see if something better shows up.

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