The Kate Middleton Snow Report week in review

Posted by Marilyn

Trip intinerary of the week

Kate Middleton and Prince William go skiing

Klosters + Skis + Snow =

Prince William and Kate Middleton go downhill

Stylish as always…

Stunning Kate Middleton hits the slopes on a romantic Easter break with her Prince

But it’s not all about the skiing..

Prince William & Kate Middleton Romancing in the snow!

Awwww..don’t they look cute?

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Snow bunnies

Someone should tell them to get a room…

Prince William: Kiss me, Kate!

Of course they wisely brought along protection..

Royal sweetheart Kate assigned protection officer on the slopes

Is this a sign?

Prince William and Kate Middleton engaged? 

Kate is certainly determined…

Kate Middleton skis towards royal role with impeccable display on the slopes

But maybe we’re reading too much into this?

Kate’s Klosters trip points toward royal proposal

Well, there’s always next year…

Christmas Engagement for Kate and William?


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