Kate and her famous feet

Posted by Cinderella

OK, I’ve been trying to ignore this, but I just can’t! I’ve been watching the search terms people use to find this blog, and once again I have spotted a trend:

royal wedding of william and kate
celebrity feet
kate middleton lazy
celebrity feet kate middleton
dirty feet

… And if I wasn’t so ladylike, I would ask: What is up with you people and the feet??

But far it be it from me to point out how weird this foot thing is. So maybe we should just change the tagline of this blog to:

Kate Middleton: She may be lazy, but at least she has feet.


4 responses to “Kate and her famous feet

  1. Feet are beautifull. Yours too.
    Why don’t you show more.
    Sexiest is the feet with the ankle

  2. lovely feets princess katy midlleton has,everyone wants love to kiss her feet as she’ll be princess soon…!

  3. Wow! There are a lot of weird searches about Kate!

  4. Yes, everything about her seems to be fascinating!

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