It’s all about the clothes

Posted by Cinderella

It seems Kate Middleton had a “secret style plan” to win Prince William’s heart. Yep, her “sensible clothes tactic” did the trick and now she’s living with her prince (again)!

I find this interesting because the article implies that Kate is a dowdy (or at least conservative) dresser. But didn’t she first catch the public eye (and perhaps William’s eye) by wearing something, um, fashionably transparent? And hasn’t she attracted a lot of attention and criticism for her daring (at least by royal standards) fashion choices?

So how did I miss the moment when mini-skirted, fishnet-stockinged, frequently bikini’d Kate became “mumsy”? I suppose it’s all part of Ms. Middleton’s intricate, devious style plan. Machiavelli would be proud.


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