Anyone with a picture of Kate’s feet, send it to…

Marilyn's feetPosted by Marilyn

Seems Kate’s feet have been sighted recently. Anyone with a picture of her feet or any other body part should send it in.

In the interim, here’s a picture of my feet.


11 responses to “Anyone with a picture of Kate’s feet, send it to…

  1. Someone actually found my main blog recently by searching for “Kate Middleton’s toes.”

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  3. Wow..Did you do a post about her feet?

  4. I actually did have a post called “Let’s scrutinize Kate Middleton’s toes,” or something like that, because some news site ran an article saying her toes were dirty. That poor girl can’t get away with anything.

  5. It’s too bad this blog didn’t exist back then. We could have had some fun with that! 😉

  6. you have nice feet, but need a pedicure. badly…LOL

  7. I trip to the spa does sound nice…. 😉

  8. who needs to know abt kate’s feet. Your feet are very gorgeous, i would like to kiss them, hope u don’t mind…

  9. I will admit you do need a pedicure but otherwise you have incredibly sexy feet! I have always been a big fan of visible tendons and yours are simply fantastic. Would love to see more of your gorgeous feet!

  10. Never mind her, post more of your photos. Those are very, very sexy feet & toes!

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