It ain’t easy being mean

Posted by Marilyn

What is it with Kate Middleton’s decision to leave her job that brings out the judgemental holier than thou sect? Jealousy? Schadenfreud?

Obviously there are people who feel very strongly about Kate Middleton.  The articles about her have run the gamut about how she’s the new Diana to how desperate she’s become. Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief at the stuff being written about her right now. If it weren’t for the fact that these articles keep this blog in business, I’d probably hit the delete button on them.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of her, but do we have to be so vicious about it?


3 responses to “It ain’t easy being mean

  1. How come people weren’t or aren’t “jealous” of Lady Diana, Sophie-Rhyss Jones, Autumn Kelly, or Chelsey Davy?

    I think people should be allowed to have their opinions (whether the opinions are positive, negative or indifferent)… especially if the British Taxpayers will help fund the lifestyle of a future Queen.

  2. Certainly I think people are allowed to have their opinions. That doesn’t mean they have to be vicious, as Marilyn put it.

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