Another one for the rumour mill?

Posted by The Royal Insider

According to sources, William is having a change of heart regarding Kate Middleton. Inspired by the Queen and Prince Philip’s 60th wedding anniversary on November 20th, the committment shy prince has decided that the time is right to settle down. “He looks at his grandparent’s marriage and he sees how devoted they are to each other and he doesn’t want to miss out on that.” says a friend. “He realizes that life is too short and he needs to get his act together.”

Kate has been criticized for quiting her job at Jigsaw and making herself too available for William. Friends have worried that she isn’t keeping her options open and this might be a turn off for William. “Utter rubbish” says a source close to the royal family. “William is in love and he’s found the woman he wants to marry.”

Or has he?

Note this article is not real. The moral of the story – Don’t believe everything you read in the media!


2 responses to “Another one for the rumour mill?

  1. You can actually tell that he really loves Kate or else he would have never got back together with her and they both would have moved on with their lives. This guy knows what he wants. The media and sometimes fans find that hard to believe because they want to see him date some more but look at the Queen & Duke of Edinburgh, he was her first boyfriend and they now have been married for 60 years. They are a true example that love is very powerful. William leads from the heart and that’s a wonderful thing.

  2. Yes William doesn’t seem to be a playboy. He seems to know what he wants and operates on his own time table without being influenced or pressured by the media.

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