I guess it depends on your definition of desperate

 Posted by Cinderella

Hmm. This article says Kate Middleton has been offered a job selling luxury yachts, but she is “obviously preparing herself to become a princess” and “killing time until William finally pops the question, which seems a little desperate in this day and age.”

This seems to imply that if Kate doesn’t marry Prince William, she will have wasted this part of her life. But honestly, what’s so bad about working in the fashion industry for a while, then selling yachts and/or becoming a professional photographer? It all sounds like fun to me.


13 responses to “I guess it depends on your definition of desperate

  1. She’s a awful choice for Queen. She sounds flakey, I hope William comes to his senses and 1.DUMPS HER and 2. Gets a NEW GIRLFRIEND, with a life that doesn’t involve being desperate for marriage. 3. Avoids all women with Social Climbing Mothers.

  2. Well she can’t be that flakey if she finished her degree and has been dating William for the last 5 years. Kate is only 25, she’s got her entire life ahead of her. Filled with all sorts of exciting possibilities regardless of whether she marries William or not.

  3. Kate is DESPERATE and patheticly transparent in her motives from almost beginning!

    And if she were so dedicated to her degree and actually went to that university and got her History of Arts degree for anything other than finding William (aka getting her Mrs. Degree) than she would have done something with it. But she hasn’t and also her “job” was just a flimsy cover for her waiting around for whenever william decided to call.

    I hope that Britain is not cursed with this lazy, social climbing, hypocritical kept girl.

  4. Shacking up with William was probably a good incentive to stay and finish Uni. She’s so common and so plain, with her tacky runway modeling show for William to see the goods, that awaited him, while at University.

  5. Willy needs to stop making hay out of his dopey Mum’s death and start be something other than an elitist alcoholic who takes 10 vacations a year.

    Guy is a unattractive louse.

  6. A lot of people who graduate from university don’t get jobs right away. Okay, if she worked at Jigsaw just as a ‘cover’ until William called – why wouldn’t she have quit after their break-up? There would have been no need for a ‘cover’ then now would there? Why didn’t she just quit and wait on his doorstep 24 hours a day?

    And if she was ‘so common and so plain’ how would she have won over Prince William? Why are people do interested in her then? Remember that Diana too wasn’t considered to be beautiful at first either. So she appeared in a modelling show – big deal! You make it sound as though William was ‘duped’ into a relationship with her.

    I agree that William (and Harry) seems to be coasting on his mother’s legacy. But again, he’s only 25 years old, let him have some fun.

  7. Kate is plain, which is why she felt she had to show him her body on the modeling runway, He had lived with her for a few weeks at that point and saw her plain face everyday,he never asked her out, it wasn’t until she wore the underwear on the University runway that she was shortly spending time in his room and she wooed William with easy availability, just as plain Camilla wooed young Prince Charles. I’ve never cared for this girl, she seems manipulative.

  8. How do you know that the modelling show was the moment he took notice of her? Maybe she was modelling it in private for him long before then? Maybe it was part of the rental agreement? ‘First and last months rent and must look nice in underwear.’

  9. I think Kate is very pretty and photogenic. I wish I looked so “plain”!

  10. Well Marilyn you have a point,maybe it was part of the rental agreement, but you see Kate had a boyfriend and was living with some dude before William, she quickly dumped the guy once the Prince got in her eyesight.
    She is manipulative, but it’s working on and off for her ,anyway. Maybe it will get her on the Throne, look what showing a young Prince Charlie a few things, did for the old flame forever Camilla.
    Yes, Kate’s plain and looks old for her age, she reminds me of Camilla so much as a young woman.

  11. Oh yes, that’s right, I do recall hearing that she had a boyfriend – I wonder why he hasn’t come forward to sell his story. Could make some $$

    I’m not sure that you can really compare Kate and Camilla. Different situations starting off. I don’t think Camilla ever wanted to become Queen or thought that was realistic. I think she just got lucky in that respect.

    Kate on the other hand has the chance, and knows it. But she’s not interferring with anyone elses life, or ruining a marriage. So in a sense she has a clean slate to start with.

    In the looks department, I’m sure that Camilla wishes she looked like Kate!

  12. I agree that Kate is so transparent and fake. She convinced William to stay at University only so she could “trap” him. He needs to get around and date a bit while he is young! Anyway, now that they graduated, she is doing nothing useful with herself. I liked her in the beginning when she graduated from University, but I am getting grossly disappointed given that she is largely unemployed, shopping and “jetting off on holiday” since graduating. She seems rather spoiled and unaccomplished. Is this what the UK (and the Royal Family) want in a future Queen???? Underneath it all, she seems like a social climbing gold-digger… plain and simple. I hope the British Taxpayers are bracing themselves to give up their hard earned money to this waste of space.

  13. she just look like her mother inside & out. just by their looks, they shared the same fate : kate wanted more than her destiny awaits-royalty issue seemed crediting her but it’s common knowledge almost evryone in Englad descendant of kings, even the poorest people have their royal beginnings.Whether kate is the 1st generation or what it doesn’t matter-what is important is william has come to his senses now realizing the girl she is dating will cling until death not becoz she will be her queen but bcoz she is determined to have the crown by all means sacrificing her family, pride, and honor.he dumped her bcoz he is honest w/ his feelings, she expected kate to understand-william won’t marry her!!

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