The Kate Middleton Report – Week in review

Posted by Marilyn 

Most surprising Kate revelation of the week

Kate’s own royal heritage is revealed by geneologist

Most paraphrased article subject of the week

Kate Middleton ditches fashion for photography

Nasty criticism of the week

The future of Great Britain – A drunk and a manipulative tart?

Article title pun of the week

Kate snaps up photo role

Weakest Kate association of the week

Inside Kate Pal’s VIP Orgy

Most blatant Kate name drop of the week

Tusting: good buy guide


8 responses to “The Kate Middleton Report – Week in review

  1. Kate sits next to someone in a boat a few times, and now whenever this other woman does something scandalous (or allegedly so), Kate’s name is the one that will appear in the headlines!

  2. You know, Kate could be good for business. Bringing a certain cachet otherwise lacking in the industry.

  3. Oh, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt business at all. Everyone’s going to want to sit next to Kate now.

  4. Well now that she’s quit her job she has time on her hands to do those sorts of things.

  5. The royalty thing just makes me el oh el. She’s a 19th generation “royal”…please, almost everyone in Europe is descended from a king or queen. I myself am a 4th generation royal and hold the titles Princess, Duchess, and Countess, and you don’t see me waiting around for a prince and having non-jobs.

  6. I’m always amazed when a royal engagement is announced and geneologists come up with the most remote royal descent between the couple.

    I guess “royalty” can’t wait around for their Prince Charming to come and they have to work these days, don’t they? It doesn’t pay as well as it used to, now does it?

  7. She’s as common as they come.

  8. Well according to the geneologist that’s not true. But maybe she showed him her underwear too and that duped him into changing her family history.

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